Personal development in English

Which would you choose?

Improve your English, improve your life!

This workshop is the flagship of Holistic English, it has been created from my heart, combining my passion and skills to help you improve your life

Is personal development your passion?
Do you love talking about life improvement?
And do you want to improve or practise your English?

Then this is for you!

Great workshops with great activities that help you go deeper into yourself, to get to know yourself, as well as tools to help you improve your life and maybe even live your dream?

All of this in English!

English is so much more fun when there is a focus, and talking about oneself is often easier in a foreign language as it allows us to take a distance, and detach from ourselves or the situation.

Wheel of life

It could be completing the wheel of life and then talking about those different areas and how to improve them, or selecting a thought provoking card and talking about it together….and so much more!

You will come away:

  • More confident speaking and writing in English
  • Improved English level
  • Increased vocabulary
  • Inspired for your life
  • Find new ways to live your life
  • Feel more positive
  • Make new friends
  • Discover more about yourself

It’s time to discover a new you through English!

Sessions disponible chez moi à Bouaye, sud Nantes, ou via une platforme video (Skype ou autre)

Ateliers de développement personnel