English mini-groups

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Improve your spoken English with conversation workshops

English learning is more fun in groups. We learn more quickly, help each other and feel less alone, I find groups of 4 work best, so that everyone has a moment to speak.

L’apprentissage de l’anglais est plus agréable en petites groupes. Nous apprenons plus vite, on s’entraide et on se sent moins seuls. Je trouve que les groupes de 4 fonctionnent mieux, de sorte que tout le monde a un moment pour parler, sans être gêné de parler devant une grande nombre de personnes.

English conversation

  • Small numbers (4 people maximum)
  • 3 levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced
  • friendly an relaxed atmosphere
  • Based on speaking with grammar points where necessary  according to the level
  • Increase your confidence speaking and understanding

My aim is to help you feel more confident, with every step you take,  where communication comes first.

My approach is fun, relaxed, I encourage you and give you the space to try, to have a go, to let go of fears around the language.