Who am I?


Who am I and why can help you?

My name is Nicky and I am English (born in Leicester), having moved here in 2001 and became an English trainer/coach for adults in business after 4 years working in primary schools teaching English.

As an English trainer I worked in an incredible centre that trained me in a right-brained method of English training, using NLP (PNL in French) and suggestopedia (learning a language through suggestion, the way you learnt french as a child).

In 2013 I became a Reiki Master, after starting my Reiki journey in 2011, taking me on path of spiritual discovery and personal development

After going through some very difficult times in my life I learnt many tools to help me, such as positive psychology, the attitude of gratitude and its importance, and the law of attraction, which led me to become a certified Law of Attraction Practitioner

In 2016 I became a certified Emotion Code Practitioner, a technique which helps you release trapped negative emotions.

I am also a self-trained intuitive artist,  painting from feeling, without a plan, allowing myself to be guided by my intuition and emotion. Art is my passion, it’s where I am able to express my deepest self and through it I found myself so much calmer. I also saw how it compared to life. Those who take risks in life will also take risks on paper. Those who are perfectionist will also look for perfection in their work. This led me to see that art can be a great tool for helping you change your life, how it can help you to heal.

Being an English trainer  I saw in my English lessons how my clients would open up to me, English became a way to access personal development, which created huge shifts in my clients, not just in English but in their life. My clients often said that it was easier to open up about their life in another language as we can almost “hide” behind it.

Through this journey, I found myself wearing many hats. An English coach, an energy healer, life coach and intuitive artist. My days were spent changing hats, until I realised that in fact I can combine them all!

For energy healers and those working in alternative health, there is so much more information available in English and certainly so many training courses worldwide which are done in English. I saw that I filled a HUGE gap in the market. English for energy healers. I have all the keys to help you and speak your language! I know that you don’t fit into the normal way of learning, and that your passion is talking about all things energy, connectedness and the Universe. And to be able to do this in English is where I come in!

I understand your world, I speak your language, and I will help you speak mine!