How intuitive painting releases emotion


It’s powerful. Really powerful. It brings up emotion you never thought was there. It allows you to look at it from above. Seeing it on paper allows you to see it for what it is and ask it questions. It’s like opening your mind on to paper. But this isn’t like art therapy. It’s on another realm totally.

Let me explain.

When we paint in my workshops, we start with the first layer, it’s often the most difficult because you are faced with a blank canvas. But that’s ok you can be silly, put anything. It doesn’t matter because you’re going to paint over it anyway. We are going to layer it up. The first layer is often controlled, a little shy, unsure. But as we go through the layers the emotions start to flow.

Anyway, let me explain what happened on Monday and maybe you will understand the process.

I began to paint, drying with a hairdryer between each layer, and then brought in the essential oils. I use Doterra oils as I find their quality and energy vibration like no other. They shift stuff big time. I choose 2-3 oils with my oils closed and they are always spot on emotionally.

The picture began to take shape emotionally, I felt something coming up, and there it was, infinity symbol which turned into 2 vortexes, one which looked like a tunnel going towards the light. I stopped and felt like I was peering down this tunnel, but despite it being light I felt fear.

It takes a few layers for the emotions to start as we need time to let go and allow the flow. Sometimes needing time to pause and reflect, other times to go, go , go.    

I stopped painting and continued to look, asking myself about the fear. It came.
It was the door to success, yet I feared going there. Success frightened me. So, I continued to ask why I was frightened of success.
Instinctively I chose green and pink coloured paint, and painted bars down the page. The colours of the heart chakra yet there was a barrier. I had a barrier round my heart.
So much stuff came up relating to love and money, self-abuse that being hurt in love I had protected myself but also from receiving money and success as I didn’t value myself anymore. I closed myself off from receiving. Tears came. I painted a big pink heart and repeated to myself, ‘open my heart’.  I can tell you so much emotion and aha moments came up in the painting .
More and more came up, I began to see the link between so many blocks in my life.
With each layer came more emotions and healing, soothing the pain, the oils helping so much.


The language of colours speaks volumes too, often reflecting chakras, memories, light or darkness.

With art therapy you may  be asked to paint a painting them have it read or diagnosed. It’s a totally different process. With intuitive art coaching we talk through stuff as it comes, sometimes we just need to be silent. We see our own emotions and read what WE ourselves need to see. There isn’t a science or a technique, nor a static interpretation.    What helps is to have someone there to coach you through it, to go further.

And of course, doing this for English coaching is huge as we can work through so many blocks and not only with English.  Often when people speak in a foreign language, they are able to distance themselves from the problem and talk more easily, also having to think of words in a  other language stimulates the brain to think in another way and release other emotions and the English too becomes more intuitive, less focussed on fears of making errors.  

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