What is Sensory painting?

So firstly, you do NOT need ANY artistic talent, or experience. In fact 99% of my students haven’t painted since primary school.

During a session, I will not ask you to paint ‘something’ like a house, I will not show you art techniques. This is not an art class.

I will ask you to connect to your heart and paint what you feel.

We will use the 6 senses (although not all in one session)


This might be:

Sight (seeing) -colours, working with one colour, playing with colours, taking inspiration from what we see around us, or from a picture

Sound (hearing) _Music, painting to different styles of music, listening to the birds, or silence, our heart, our soul

Feel (feeling, touching)- what emotions are we feeling, talk about emotions, it may also be painting with our fingers, adding texture to the paint..

Taste – feel inspired from food! we might even taste some English cakes while we paint!

Smellessential oils may be used in the paint. Essential oils help to release emotions, bring back memories, they connect deep within us

and for me the most important (and often forgotten sense)

Intuition – our 6th sense. Connecting with our heart, what d we want to paint, at that moment, where does our soul want to take us. This is a very strong and powerful sense to paint with, allowing us to paint intuitively without thinking of the end result.

Sensory painting is totally different to classic painting. It allows you to be in the present moment, not to think about the end result and to enjoy the process.

And of course all this is done in English!

If you would like to know more about how to paint with me, then why not send me a message? You can here




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