Holistic English, Is it for you?

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Hi there!

Do you want to improve your English in a more creative and holistic way?

No more desks, grammar rules, and homework?

Then this is for you! 


I love to work with people who are creative, alternative, healers. The people who don’t want to follow the traditional ways, the free thinkers, who are looking for something different, something that speaks to them, to their soul, and of course I love to work with people who want to speak English!

If you are looking for a school -like approach, grammar, textbooks this is NOT for you!

J’adore travailler avec des personnes créatives, des personnes qui adorent le monde de bien-être holistique, qui voient le monde autrement, positivement, les ésprits libres, qui cherchent une approche originale, qui leur parle, qui parle à leur âme, et biensur j’aime travailler avec les personnes qui veulent parler anglais!

Ca vous parle?

  • The emphasis is holistic -we work on your beliefs and blocks concerning English
  • this is NOT grammar and textbook orientated!
  • Fun, original, variety
  • creative, holistic, alternative

Maybe also:

  • You are feeling that there is “more to life than this”
  • You’re interested in personal development
  • You want to improve your life, to give it more purpose
  • You want to find that “inner happiness”
  • You are curious about spirituality, meditation, energy healing

Holistic English is all about having fun and making learning English a more positive experience

-Improve your English holistically:

  • Discussion groups on the subject of wellness, Law of Attraction , positive thinking…
  • Coaching – release negative beliefs about learning English
  • Creative Workshops in English
  • Specific sessions for healers,  wellness workers, to help you understand your English for your specific work (healers, energy workers, coaches, artists…)
  • Fun workshops – games, afternoon teas, aperitifs, 
  • Conversation workshops- small groups ( 4 maximum), 3 different levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  • Business orientated workshops- networking, lunch..


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